Pregnancy Calculator: How many weeks pregnant Am I Calculator

Pregnancy Calculator: have Questions on Pregnancy Calculator and How many weeks pregnant Am I? this is the general question every pregnant questions her self. Pregnancy plays a vital role in the whole life of women. It elates the emotional feeling and their conscience. It’s rightly said by many poets that becoming pregnant and conceiving a child is like a women taking a rebirth. For women this whole period is filled with of mix of different emotions. Truthfully being pregnant is changing from me to mother. Each day in the journey is an amazing experience that completely changes their whole world around them. Pregnancy is a process that invites you to surrender to an unseen force. There are moment when you feel excited, thrilled and want to feel this experience forever. know all about Pregnancy Calculator from here.

How many weeks pregnant Am i? (Pregnancy Calculator):

Pregnancy duration is almost 37 weeks to 42 weeks from the first day of your last period. In today’s fast growing world people can diagnose their ailment sitting at home itself then why can’t they use a method to calculate their pregnancy duration? This point arises to know about the pregnancy calculator? We all can understand how our body undergoes intense changes during this process. Let’s now understand what is a pregnancy calculator is and how it can be used accurately? And many more questions which are cropping in your mind. Don’t worry! You can find answers to all your questions here.

Pregnancy Calculator
Pregnancy Calculator

What is Pregnancy Calculator?

It’s a Pregnancy Calculator that helps in finding the whole details about their pregnancy. This is very easy as you need to fill some basic details like you need to know when was your last period, and the first day after your last period. The average length of your menstrual cycle. This calculator allows you to plan your pregnancy and then approach an antenatal care for the further details.

Design of this Pregnancy calculator:

This mathematically designed in computer on the basis of menstrual cycle. It follows basic principles for calculation is first date of last period and average length of menstrual cycle to evaluate the due date for little baby to come into the new world! As the ovulation process starts after fourteen to fifteen days of the last day of cycle. During this time only there are best chances of conception so relating to this fact the pregnancy calculator is deigned.

How to understand the Pregnancy calculation:

Many people face difficulty in understanding the results of the calculator i.e Pregnancy Calculator so let’s understand in detail with an example discussed below.

Enter the first day of your last period. If you don’t remember exactly just try to guess on which date you got the period such that approximately adding average length of the menstrual period you can make out first day of the last period. Say you got your last period started on May 26th 2017 and your average length of period is five days then your last day of period is 30th May 2017. Assume average length of menstrual cycle is twenty-eight days. After entering this details the calculator projects the estimated due date that is 6th March 2018. Along with that it also specifies in your week of pregnancy and also the time left to reach the due date in measure of weeks. If you used the calculator on 23rd august it specifies that you are in 12 weeks and 1 day pregnant and time left to reach due date is 27 weeks and 5days.

Present-12 weeks and 1 day pregnant

Time left- 25weeks 5days to go

Estimate due date- 6th March 2018

This useful information provides them to plan accordingly their pregnancy. This pregnancy calculator is a great tool for women as it avoids confusion. And it gives a brighter chance to know much more about their pregnancy and they can execute their plan properly to welcome the little one into their life.

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