Menstrual Cycle Calculator – All You Need To Know

Menstrual Cycle Calculator: Menstruation Cycle is the monthly cycle in which a woman’s body is prepared for conceiving through changes in the ovaries and the lining of the uterus. In case fertilization doesn’t occur, the uterus lining breaks down. The process occurs every 28 to 35 days. check and know the detailed information on Menstrual Cycle Calculator from here:

Phases of the Menstrual Cycle[Menstrual Cycle Calculator]

There are four phases in menstrual cycle, menstruation, the follicular phase, ovulation and the luteal phase.

  • Menstruation (Day 1 to 5) – In this phase, the uterus sheds its lining and it is discharged in the form of blood and mucus.
  • The follicular phase (Day 1 to 13) – This phase begins with the menstrual phase but lasts for approximately 13 days. During this time, the pituitary gland secretes hormones which lead to maturing of ovaries. It takes 13 days for an egg to mature in the follicle. Simultaneously, follicle releases a hormone which stimulates the uterus to build up a lining of blood vessels and soft tissue.
  • Ovulation Phase (Day 14) – On day 14, the ovary releases the matured egg. The released egg then travels to the fallopian tube where it waits for fertilization.
  • Luteal phase (Day 15-28) – This is the last phase of the cycle. It occurs if the egg present in the fallopian tube is not impregnated. The egg disintegrates and by the end of this phase, the uterus lining begins to break leading to menstrual phase again.

Role in conception:

Having knowledge of one’s menstrual cycle can be advantageous in many ways and improve the chances of conceiving or not conceiving.

Being prepared by knowing when your energy levels will be highest, when you will begin with your ovulation and what time will be the most fertile for you can help you make better sexual decisions.

Menstrual Cycle calculator:

Menstrual Cycle Calculator is a way of tracking your cycle and planning around it accordingly.

Tracking one’s cycle can not only help to judge the best day to conceive but also assist in determining better travel and work plans.

Working of the Menstrual Cycle Calculator:

Depending on the complexity of the calculator, there are various ways in which a menstrual cycle calculator determines tracks your cycle.

The complexity of the calculator varies with the number of fields.

Usually basic information like date of your last period (the starting date), your average period cycle (varying between 21 to 35 days) and the number of days your period lasts is asked. Apart from these various other factors such as body temperature and other medical expressions can also be inquired about.

These fields are very complex to answer and though they give more accurate results, keeping a track of medical history and providing them instantly is not an easy task. Hence, most people go for a basic menstrual cycle calculator which predicts your cycle on the basic biological theory.


The menstrual calculator gives information about the various phases of themenstrual cycle and how long they are going to last according your body.

Majorly, the results consist of the expected date of your next period, your ovulation period, the pre- period and the post-period dates.

Out of these, the most important information for people trying to conceive is the peak ovulation dates. That is the time when a woman’s body is most fertile and the chances of impregnation are the highest. Consummating during this time has 33% chances of conception.

On an average, most women ovulate on the 14th day of their menstrual cycle. That is the day when the egg is matured and is released in the fallopian tube, ready for fertilization. The egg stays there for 24 hours. In case a sperm is detected, fertilization occurs and one can conceive.

Other Advantages

The calculator also determines the estimated due date if you conceive within the given fertile period.

Apart from this, you can also determine your expected menstrual cycle for coming months or have a glance at the one’s which have already passed in order to determine accuracy.

Other Ways

Certain other ways can be used to predict the ovulation dates and determine the most fertile time of the month. Some of them are

  • Observing body changes – During the ovulation period, the mucus secreted by the cervix becomes thin, stretchy and slippery than normal days.

Also, determining and observing basal body temperature can help predict the possibility of ovulation.

  • Taking medical tests- There are various medical test kits available in market to determine if a person is ovulating. The tests can be done through urine or saliva and can tell precisely if you are going to start ovulating in next 24 to 36 hours.


Though the basic menstrual cycle calculators may not be very accurate, but they definitely can be helpful enough to determine the peak fertility period for couples who are trying to conceive. For a more accurate result, people can consider using more complex calculators which give better results.

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