Infertility Reasons for Both Men and Woman

Infertility Reasons for both Men and Woman: When teenagers get pregnant easily without trying much then people think that it is much easier to become pregnant. The body of some woman respond faster and in some woman very slow. When you are very excited to know that you are pregnant but the results shows negative pregnancy will be the most sad moment in your life. Expecting positive pregnancy is good but when it does not happen you need to plan again. Sometimes the mutual relationship between the woman and her partner may not work well due to several reasons. Either the defect in men or woman may lead to negative pregnancy. This defect in any one of the them may cause infertility. To elaborate the reasons of infertility I would to throw light on Male infertility and female infertility. check for the probable reasons for Infertility Reasons for both Men and Woman from here.

Male Infertility Reasons And Causes:

Generally infertility will be mostly caused due to defect in woman. So people always think that the reason behind infertility is woman only. According to science, the causes for infertility depends upon both of the people who participate in intercourse. But when the chances of defects are more in any one of them, it can finally result in infertility. It is not correct thing to blame a woman when the defect is in male. The chances of getting pregnant are more in teenagers when compared to people who have crossed 35 years. Recent studies states that most of the infertility problems are caused due to men only. Fertility occurs only when men can ejaculate healthy and well shaped sperm into uterus of woman. If the partner fails to impregnate woman by these ways, then its the defect in men only. Without knowing about the problems in male, people unnecessarily blame woman for not being conceived.

A male infertility can be reflected when a men undergoes health issues. Any infections or health issues can reduce the chances of releasing healthy sperm. Hormonal imbalance, medications, working at chemical industries, exposure to X rays/ radiations are the most common reasons for male infertility. Sometimes the lifestyle of men can also have the chances of causing male infertility. Consuming alcohol/ drugs, smoking, stress, even too much bicycling can result in infertility. It is not easy to recognize that infertility when occurs due to male. But slight symptoms like ejaculation issue or pain or swelling, less growth in hair on face and all over the body can detect the infertility in male. Generally when a woman undergoes negative pregnancy only she will be considered mostly. But the best way to find causes of infertility is by going through sperm count. This test can easily reveal the reason behind negative pregnancy. these are the most probable reasons for Male Infertility.

Female Infertility Reasons And Causes:

It is the most common situation that a woman will come across on a fine day. It is not that all the woman will undergo infertility but it happens in few woman due to different reasons. Getting pregnant involves many steps that includes participation in sex, ovulation, release of sperm, and fertilization of egg. Failure in any one of the steps can result in negative pregnancy. Not only in men, the reason for infertility can be a woman sometimes. The reasons behind female infertility are damaged Fallopian tubes, uncertain ovulation, problems in uterus walls and many more.

The main symptom for infertility is improper menstrual cycle. Generally a cycle for woman occurs in between 3 to 5 weeks. If a woman undergoes menstrual cycle before 3 weeks or after 5 weeks are likely to be considered as sign of infertility. But it is not perfect to say that infertility has been caused due to improper periods. But when you come across abnormal menstrual periods, you need to consult the doctor. In such cases doctor can find the reason behind the infertility in woman. If the result shows that infertility is due to woman, then participating in sex is of no worth for any number of times. Mostly these type of woman will face some health issues at certain age due to several issues. these are the most probable reasons for Female Infertility.

Infertility might be caused due to different reasons but you can never say that only men or only woman have problem. It can decided only after consulting doctor. The reason for infertility can be men or woman but that can be finalized only with medical tests. Sometimes these results can also be altered when there are few chances of getting pregnant. So better go to a doctor and know the reason behind infertility.

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