Fertility Calculator with Calendar

Fertility Calculator: A calculator which suggest you the best time to increase your chances of conceiving is the fertility calculator. If you are planning to get pregnant, or just want to pre-plan your schedule during your pregnancy periods or maybe just for knowing when your fertility begins, a fertility calculator with calendar will come to your aid for all your answers. check all about menstrual cycle fertility calculator from here

Fertility Calendar:

The fertility calendar gives you to appropriate estimation of the menstrual cycle you are going to face during or before your fertility occurs. It is a color coded calendar with dates marked with colors to indicate the various time sections of peak ovulation days, pre-period, post period and regular periods. The colors and their designation are highlighted on the side of the calendar for easy reference and deductions. The calendar also allows you to navigate through the upcoming months and get your menstrual predictions and patterns to get better chances of conceiving. this is all about menstrual cycle fertility calculator.

How Fertility Calculators Calendar works:

The Fertility Calculator and Calendar is simple yet effective to use. It takes in a few data about your menstrual cycle as input, deduces it, and then gives out its predictions and the pattern of your menstrual cycle. You need to enter the date of your last period, the interval for which it lasted, and days of your menstrual cycle. The results are then calculated by the pre-defined calculations of experts and gives you the expected start date of your next menstrual period, the dates mentioning the best fertile periods, and the estimated due dates if you conceive within this interval of time.

Why to use Fertility Calculator ?

The fertility calculator and calendar is probably one of the best tools available in the market for women planning their ovulation periods. It not only helps you keep a record of your menstrual cycle but also tells you the best days to get your ovum fertilized. It helps you with determining your fertile window, the days during which pregnancy is most likely to occur.

A woman can get her ovum fertilized even five days after the intercourse. It is because the sperms have a lifespan of five days and can stay active inside a women’s body for five long days. Whereas in contrary, a women’s egg remains alive for just 24 hours and a new egg is produced if the previous one doesn’t gets fertilized. Therefore a fertility calculator helps you to get the best time for your ovulation period to increase the chances of conceiving.this is all about Fertility Calculator.

The fertility calculator can also come into handy while trying to avoid pregnancy. The calculator estimates and informs you about your body’s menstrual cycle and the days best suited for implantation of the ovum, which gives you complete knowledge of your body related to the menstrual cycle and can help you plan accordingly.

What are the other available options?

There are also other ways to determine your ovulation period. One can keep out for the fertility signs and carefully observe for any changes in the body. The menstrual cycle in woman varies and keeping a check for fertility signs is a good way to determine your ovulation. The signs include breast tenderness, increased urination, and changes in your vagina’s mucus, which may become dense and slick during ovulation. Apart from recording signs, an ovulation predictor kit can also come in handy to accurately predict your ovulation date and fertility process. these are the other alternative methods for Fertility Calculator.


Though there are other methods to determine a woman’s fertility period, but the fertility calculator and calendar is definitely the simplest and the quickest way to get an accurate fertility window. It only needs you to maintain a record of your last menstrual cycles and dates. The fertility calculator is one of the best solutions for determining the best day for conceiving and it’s completely free.

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