Chemical pregnancy- causes of Chemical pregnancy

Chemical pregnancy: Detecting pregnancy is an easy task that everyone could perform by using home pregnancy tests. A woman who undergoes these tests may get positive or negative pregnancy. Fertilization depends on HCG (Human Chorionic Gonadotropin) levels present in the body of a woman. When the sperm reaches the uterus wall and combine with ova then it results in the ovulation process to occur. Hence the fertilized egg will move through the Fallopian tube and finally concludes that the woman is pregnant. check below for Chemical pregnancy causes and symptoms.

Chemical pregnancy- Causes of Chemical pregnancy:

The chemical pregnancy is a kind of miscarriage that is detected in a early pregnancy by its chemical release. Woman who undergoes chemical pregnancy will never be pregnant at that time. As this symptom cannot be directly known, woman think that they are going to be pregnant.When chemical pregnancy occurs, woman will be late on periods. The symptoms will be similar for normal pregnancy and chemical pregnancy. So you may not be able know which one of those you are dealing with. If a woman is very ambitious about her pregnancy then she will take pregnancy test.

However, pregnancy test gives positive result and everyone will be much happy at that moment. But no one can notice that it might be a miscarriage. As the HCG levels increase, the pregnancy test shows that the woman is pregnant. It does not indicate that you are pregnant but the results shows that you are. Then how to know whether it is a pregnant or it is just a chemical pregnancy? If a woman undergoes chemical pregnancy, the HCG levels will be reduced in the coming days and finally result in miscarriage.

Causes of Chemical Pregnancy:

Chemical pregnancy might be caused due to fetal or chromosomal abnormalities. But one cannot decide that it as a miscarriage until and unless you consult doctor. Miscarriage may occur in any stage of pregnancy and it can be predicted that it occurs on a particular day. When the development of fetus is more then the chances of pregnancy will be at risk. When the fetus developed may not touch the uterus wall or it may result in swelling of mother’s stomach. Thus the essence developed will be passed through the tube and causes miscarriage.

The health condition of mother may also reflect pregnancy. One of the two may have any diseases that will show impact on pregnancy. Sexually transmitted diseases can reach the woman body which can further result in negative pregnancy or miscarriage.Hormonal imbalance can also cause chemical pregnancy. If a woman has the Hormonal disorder, it may result in hypothyroidism. Woman with these kinds of disorders cannot conceive and results in miscarriage.

A woman suffering severe endometriosis cannot handle pregnancy and undergoes abortion. When the uterus of a woman has some internal issues then the uterus of the mother may not be able to continue pregnancy. In such cases the egg formed will move from the tube and lasts out in very less time. Mother who is exposed to toxic chemical compounds may also undergo miscarriage.

Chemical Pregnancy Time period:

Generally, chemical pregnancy lasts for several weeks depending on the condition of pregnancy. According to the pregnancy records, it is stated that a chemical pregnancy lasts from 5 to 6 weeks mostly. Menstrual symptoms start between 5th to 6th week which includes bleeding. If menstrual period occurs in this duration then it is termed as the chemical pregnancy.

If a woman gets periods bit late might not be much anticipated to know whether it is a pregnancy or not. She confirms it as her normal menstrual periods. If a woman expects periods very accurate and missed for the first time, then she will be very ambitious to know whether it is a pregnancy or not. However, if you undergo the test or not, chemical pregnancy will surely be lost in 5 to 6 weeks.


A woman who has a doubt regarding her pregnancy should consult the doctor. The changes of chemical pregnancy are high due to the changes in the environment which directly affects pregnancy. Every mother should take care of pregnancy up to the final stages of conceiving. Consult the doctor as soon as possible to know whether it is normal pregnancy or chemical pregnancy.

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