Should You Eat Fish During Pregnancy? is it Safe To Eat Fish?

Can I eat Fish during Pregnancy? check here to know whether to eat fish or not Taking care of themselves is most important during pregnancy. Woman who is pregnant should have a keen interest in knowing what to eat and what not. But many of the people love to eat their favorite food without having an idea about the problems that they could come across. In pregnancy stage, a woman body will undergo several changes and helps in increasing immune power. Whatever may be the immune levels, sometimes unhealthy food can make the pregnancy abort. It might be shocking if you are pregnant for the first time, but it is true.

Can I Eat Fish During Pregnancy:

Mostly people ask that, will eating fish make my pregnancy abort? Having doubt regarding diet control during pregnancy is a good thing. Scientist have worked on this issue for many days and gathered some information.It is stated that mercury levels in high range can affect the body of a pregnant woman. More amount of mercury can result in abnormal birth of the baby. Care should be taken by a pregnant woman while eating different kind of foods. High quantity of mercury will bring you various issues, but the thing is fish does not contain high content of mercury. The minimum levels of mercury present in fish will never harm the baby or mother.

Scientists have proved that seafood contains mercury in very less amount which is negligible. So it is clear that every pregnant woman can eat fish without any fear. But it is high-lightened that eating of other fishes having more mercury content may result in birth issues. Fishes like King Mackerel, Sharks, swordfish and tile fish will contain mercury in high levels. Pregnant woman are suggested to check the type of fish before they eat it. Anchovies, Crab, Lobster, Tuna are the preferred type of fishes which a pregnant woman can consume. The levels of mercury will be less in the these type of fishes.

Which Sea Food is good for a Pregnant Woman?

Unknowingly woman will eat different types of dishes during pregnancy. But it is the duty of the pregnant woman to be well educated with all the topics in the earlier stages of pregnancy. Though some sea food contain less amount of mercury, there were also some other varieties of fishes which contain high amount of mercury. Woman are suggested to eat crab and tuna in the time of their pregnancy. Proper preparation of sea food can affect the baby due to the presence of poisoning agents called salmonella. Woman can use food thermometer to check whether the food is cooked properly or not. Improperly cooked food is not good for the health of a pregnant woman.

If you have bought the sea food which is kept under frozen temperatures, you need to boil it in order to bring back the sea food to normal temperature. Woman who consumes this type of sea food can get required amount of proteins, nutrients, iron and Omega 3 fatty acids. Generally people may buy fish with grocery things that are available directly. But it is important to follow the instructions on those things before going to consume it.


Even after going through information furnished above, people think that it may or may not be safe to eat fish. Sea food is protiens rich food that helps the unborn child t to o get required nutrients. The fatty acids present in fish will help in the brain growth of the child. Woman are recommended by doctor to eat 8 to 12 pounds of sea food weekly.

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